Pie, chips and cake is a tasty reward

Students from Pool Academy were served up a reward of steak pie, chips and chocolate cake after helping create a video recording.

A pair of Year 9 children helped to film staff and students talking about the achievements of support staff who beat their annual targets at a recent Performance Management Review.


Twelve Members of staff were praised and the two students were there to record it all. The finished production was then aired at a Governors meeting last week.

Phil Jones, IT Manager at Pool Academy, said: “It was a great surprise to see the amazing video that the students had made and fantastic to feel so appreciated. It really re-enforced what a great team we have here at Pool Academy.”

Clive Bramley, Head of Governors at the school, said: “The governors are so proud of the great work the students did in putting the video together.

“It was enjoyable to watch the video interviews where colleagues and students gave their commendations to the staff.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “We were so proud of the students who helped make the video. It was fab. They definitely deserved the reward they asked for; Steak pie and chips with chocolate cake for dessert.

“Well done boys and I hope you enjoyed your meal afterwards.”