Bike doctor to visit Pool Academy

bike dr.jpg

A bike doctor has agreed to visit Pool Academy to help give staff and students’ bicycles a check-up.

David Davies, a Sustrans bike officer, has worked with the school for several years and is returning to offer his services for free.

He will be in on Friday, June 22, to look at cycles stored in the Treloweth Gate bike shed for students.

Julian Hosking, PE teacher, said anyone with a flat tyre, troubles with their breaks or have any other problems should let him know so the bike doctor can look at it.

He said: “The bike doctor session is open to students all day.

“It is awesome to have him come to Pool Academy.”

Mr Hosking said in the past Mr Davies has helped to set up a bike maintenance crew -  a group of students who help maintain the school bikes.

Pool Academy is a Sustrans Silver Award School. This means it continues to encourage the travel charity’s ethos of eco, sustainable travel such as car-sharing, cycling, walking, etc to school.

Please email if you are planning to bring in your bicycle so the bike doctor has an idea of how many bikes to expect.

Christiana Richardson