New instruments thanks to cash funding

new instruments.jpg

Pool Academy’s music teacher has been able to buy a wealth of new instruments thanks to cash funding.

EMI officials have given £500 to the music department to help teachers purchase 24 new Ukuleles, two new stage pianos and carry out repair work.

Staff, students and governors also raised cash for the instruments through the musical production, School of Rock, in December last year and by holding fundraising events including a Big Quiz.

In the past Emily Cromey, Head of Music, said some of the equipment was ‘ageing’ and she wanted to bring the instruments back into the 21st century.

She said: “I am thrilled our bid for additional funding for musical instruments and equipment has been successful. We have had confirmation that EMI, an International Music Industry leader, will award us £500 towards the cost of a new class set of Ukuleles, two new Stage Pianos, and some repair work to existing kit.

 “This is a great opportunity to improve the music making experiences of our young people and those in the community who wish to take part.” 

Christiana Richardson