Students invited to make their voices heard

Students passionate about national or local community issues have been given the chance to start a debate with MPs in the Houses of Parliament.

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Representatives of Youth Parliament, who launched an initiative called Make Your Mark, visited Pool Academy this week to help inspire children to get their voices heard.

Kate McArthur and Reece Foster said Make Your Mark has been created for 11 to 18 year olds to decide what members of the Youth Parliament should debate in the Houses of Commons. They asked Pool Academy students what issues affecting young people needed to be raised.

Milly with Kate McArthur and Reece Foster.

Milly with Kate McArthur and Reece Foster.

Members of the school’s Student Leadership Team suggested a range of subjects including lowering the age of voting, transport costs and creating wildlife areas.

The children have now been challenged to raise the profile of the Make Your Mark campaign and Youth Parliament. They wrote down their promotional ideas on a large piece of paper which included putting information in leaflets, on coffee mugs, use social media and talk to others during assemblies.

Mr Foster, apprentice worker for the initiative, said: “Make your Mark and Youth Parliament is a way young people can have their voices heard both in the local and national community. “It is a programme run by Youth Parliament.

Thinking up some ideas.

Thinking up some ideas.

“This is about students being able to make themselves heard, lobbying MPs and Houses of Parliament to try and make a change.

“If you want something to be heard then make it heard. Shout, don’t whisper.”

Milly, from Year 8,  has expressed an interest in becoming a member of the Youth Parliament. She would like to see the age of voters lowered.

For more information about Youth Parliament and Make Your Mark visit

Christiana Richardson