Book-loving students invited to help with reading challenge

Book-loving students have been invited to help with Redruth Library’s summer reading challenge.

The town library’s staff would love to have young people volunteering over the summer to help promote the reading challenge.  The librarians also believe the work experience could count towards Duke of Edinburgh Award or other similar awards.

Sandra Hampton, School Librarian, said it would be great for student to volunteer. She said it can sometimes be hard to get into library work so the experience would help in the future.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for students,” she said. “In the summer holidays people don’t always have things to do so helping out at Redruth Library would be a good idea. It is also good as it could help to encourage reading.  Reading opens up a whole new world to children. It would be nice to see our students inspiring other young people into reading.”

A spokesperson for the library said: “It could help develop confidence, social and literacy skills. It is a chance for students to make a positive contribution to their community and make new friends.”

The summer reading challenge is a scheme to get children, between 4 and 11 years old, to read six books over the summer holidays.

For more information contact Redruth Library on 0300 123 4111

Christiana Richardson