Prefects don their new ties

The latest group of Prefects at Pool Academy were handed their new ties as they start to take on their roles.

prefect ties.JPG

A large number of students expressed an interest in becoming a prefect and before half term teachers had the tough job deciding who would be given the job.

Last week those who had been chosen were invited to a tie ceremony where students swapped their black and yellow ties for a plain black one with the word ‘prefect’ and the school’s logo.

Jodie Philips, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It was our first official meeting to congratulate the prefects. We applauded the Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, shared the first duty rota and had a 'Tie Ceremony' to make their roles official.

“It was a really positive and fun.

“I'm so proud that these 32 students will be representing and supporting the school. They are a fantastic group and we are so excited to be working with them in Year 11.”


Christiana Richardson