Pupils use recording equipment at Pool Academy


Pupils visiting Pool Academy were invited to record their singing on hi-tech equipment at the recent transition sessions.

Children from surrounding primary schools are continuing to visit the Academy to have a taster session of classes.


The first session of the week was with Emily Cromey the Head of Music at Pool Academy. She taught the children a Bruno Mars song. Once they had perfected it they were able to record themselves singing. They also recorded all the instrumental sounds and acted as studio producers.

Mrs Cromey said she would send the recordings home to their parents so they can hear too.

She said: “The pupils were upbeat and really enjoyed the session. They were all enthusiastic in having a go at singing the song and were excited about getting their voices recorded. They did really well.”

Take Off Bake Off was the second cookery session held at the school. The pupils were looking forward to creating a tasty treat. This week they were invited to make strawberry and custard tarts. They were taught how to blind bake pastry cases, using baking beans, to put in tasty fillings.


Sam Strana, Head of Food DT, said: “The children were great and really enjoyed it. Some couldn’t wait to eat what they had made and were eating them on the way back to meet their parents. They baked confidently and were creative with their fruit. It was good to see them getting stuck in and weren’t afraid of trying something new.”

On Thursday the virtual reality headsets were taken out again but this time the children got to experience space. They were all allowed to watch the launch of Buzz the Bear and follow his journey into the skies. They were also shown the equipment used to track Buzz when he was up in the air.


Friday saw children arrive ready to take part in some sport. The weather was good so they were given a choice from a number of different activities.

Christiana Richardson