Software specialists Bluefruit visit Pool Academy

Two members of software specialist company Bluefruit visited a computer class at Pool Academy recently.

They were invited to visit the school’s computer rooms to see what students learn and create during lessons. They also chatted to Tim Bareham, Head of Computer Science, and the children about the subject.

The Academy plans to work closely with Bluefruit and other technology companies to work with children of the school in the future.

Pool Academy will launch its Digital Academy later this year. This will focus on three areas; Computer Science, Digital Technologies and Digital Creativity. It will allow all Year 9 students to complete a new digital qualification called the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia qualification. They will also be encouraged to use the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award program.

It’s also planned to link up with nearby colleges and university to increase the opportunities available to Digital Academy students.

Mr Bareham said: “Two members of Bluefruit came to see the Year 10 class in the IT classroom. The students were working on algorithms and programming. They had a chat with myself and the students and were impressed by the level of skills the students had.

“The visit was also arranged so we could discuss ways to work closer together in the future. We are looking forward to getting some of their programmers to work with our classes as part of the digital academy.”

Pool Academy is already a Digital Schoolhouse and aims to establish itself as the foremost school for digital learning in the South West of England over the next five years.

Digital Schoolhouse is a national programme, organised by the UK games industry, and sponsored by Sony Playstation and Sega. Schools are selected to be Digital Schoolhouses in recognition of the skill and expertise they have in delivering the Computer Science curriculum. As part of the programme we deliver workshops to Primary school partners and deliver professional development courses to teachers. This year Pool Academy took part in the national eSports tournament as a result of being a Digital Schoolhouse.

Christiana Richardson