Students art tour

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Students were taken on a tour around the county to look at art pieces on show at the Groundwork Festival.

A photograph taken on the art trip of one of Rose Wylie's paintings.

A photograph taken on the art trip of one of Rose Wylie's paintings.

A group of Year 8s from Pool Academy visited Helston and Penzance last week to view a number of works by a variety of artists. The pieces were displayed in churches, galleries and other buildings.

They first saw work by Janet Cardiff at Richmond Chapel in Penzance.

A student said: “We went inside the church and there were lots of speakers. When the music started each speaker played a different person’s voice from a 40-piece choir. If you listened carefully you could even hear their mini conversations before the music played.”

The group next visited an exhibition by Rose Wylie which was hosted in a T-shaped room.

A Year 8 student said: “It was great to visit the galleries and see some other artists’ work.”

The children were then invited to lunch at CAST café where they ate black bean chili brownies. They also spoke to Newlyn Art Gallery’s gallery director James Green and Teresa Gleadowe from Groundwork Festival about their school’s new art Gallery, Pool School Gallery.

After lunch the group watched an art film by Francis Alys called The Silence of Ani.

Students felt the trip was ‘inspiring’ and thought it would help them as they work to complete their Arts Award.

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Jonty Lees, from Pool School Gallery, said: “We visited the Groundworks festival which is a festival all over Cornwall. Art pieces are displayed in churches and buildings and galleries. The Groundwork Festival organisers were really keen for the students to get involved. They invited us to lunch at the café.

“When the children spoke to Newlyn Art Gallery director James Green they asked about his gallery and spoke about ours. They asked how to do things and how long it took to install pieces.

“The students all had a good time.”

The Groundworks Festival aims to bring international art and artists to the County. It began in May and runs until September.

Pool School Gallery will be officially launched in July.

Christiana Richardson