Students laughing their way to success

Laughter Yoga sessions will be starting at Pool Academy to help students begin their day with a smile.

Teachers Sophie Stephens and Rachel Facey will be starting the sessions in July for a small group of children. If successful they hope to roll it out to others at the school.

The sessions will start at 8.30am in the morning for 20 minutes with breathing and sound exercises.

Mrs Facey said laughing, whether forced or real, produces endorphins which makes people feel happier and more positive.

The classes will run twice a week for the foreseeable future.

Mrs Facey spent two days at The Laughter Yoga Centre, in Dawlish, recently to become a Laughter Yoga Trainer.

She said: “Laughter Yoga sessions will be great fun. We are going to run them twice a week in the dance studio. Hopefully the sessions will develop into a bigger group because it would be great to be able to run sessions every morning.

“The sessions are aimed at creating a more positive outlook to things. Being able to laugh helps with resilience.

“There is a bit of science to the laughter yoga. If you are laughing, even if it is fake, your body starts to produce endorphins to make you happier. This could help improve people’s outlooks and the way they deal with their options.”

She said the sessions will start with deep breathing and then some clapping and sound exercises.

She added: “It will be a benefit for students.”

Laughter Yoga was developed by Indian physician Madan Kataria.

Christiana Richardson