Student encourages recycling

A student has helped to boost recycling at Pool Academy after requesting more bins at school.

Charlotte Eathorne has convinced school governors and staff to buy more mixed recycling bins after she felt more could be done at the Academy for the environment.

She spoke to Jef Carvelly, the school’s Premises Co-ordinator, who has now bought a bin to install outside at the beginning of next month.



A similar initiative was trialled in the past but it was discovered if the wrong item was put in the rest would be contaminated. Mr Carvelly said this time they will provide clearer information about how to use the bins and if they are a success he could make plans to introduce more in the future.

Charlotte, Year 7, said: “The problems of plastic in the oceans has been on the news a lot lately and I wanted to see if we could help.

“I spoke to the Chair of the Governors and Mr Carvelly about it.

“I am really proud to have made a difference.

“I really care about the environment and am always looking to try and make a difference.”

She is now hoping to help remove plastic microbeads from nearby beaches.

Mr Carvelly said: “I had a conversation with Charlotte and she expressed an interest with mixed recycling. We have bought one bin. If this works, we will have more.”

He said the school already does a lot of recycling internally. There are mixed paper recycling bags in offices and classrooms across the school, they recycle the majority of plastics, card and metals such as tin cans and other items.

Clive Bramley, Chair of Pool Academy Governors, said: “Charlotte approached me to see what more we could do to tackle the issues of recycling in our school and in particular how we can help the environment by addressing the waste issues associated with plastic. This led to me having discussions with Mr Carvelly and I am delighted to say that one of the measures is to have a new mixed recycling bin.”


Christiana Richardson