Students plan trip on artist’s kayak

Students from Pool Academy are hoping to be ferried across the waters on an artist’s kayak later this year.

Contemporary British artist Adam Chodzko brought his boat, called Ghost, to Pool School Gallery when he came to talk to the children about his art project.

He designed the kayak himself in 2010. It took three months to make as it was created by joining many tiny strips of wood together. His idea was inspired by the sea as well as from mythology where people were ferried around from place to place or from one world to another.

There are two seats build into the boat, one for Mr Chodzko to paddle and one for a passenger who lies in the boat with a cushion and a blanket.

Jonty Lees, from the gallery, plans to take a group of students out on a trip so they can experience being a passenger on the boat.

Mr Chodzko said: “The passengers are required to be still and just to look and listen. Most people most of the time lie there in total silence. Sometimes I just stop paddling and people just listen to the bird song and the lapping of the water against the boat. A lot of the sounds are amplified and you notice a lot of things when everything else is calm and quiet.

“The object of it is partly about shifting into a different state of mind.”

Christiana Richardson