Students visit Kresen Kernow


Students have been given a tour of Kresen Kernow to learn about different careers in the construction industry.

Nine boys from Year 9 dressed up in hard hats, goggles and steel toe capped boots to tour around the old brewery site in Redruth. 

They met with the site project manager and two quantity surveyors who told them about their jobs and the different paths they followed to get into their current positions.

Students learnt about the way the buildings were designed to work with the environment it is being constructed in.

Nicki Grenfell, Pool Academy Careers Coordinator, said: “We took students to have a look at the construction industry. We had a really good look around the site and saw where they are going to put the café and public areas. We heard about the fact that they have kept the old chimney.

“We were there for an hour and a half and it was really good.”


Kirsty Conway-Baker, Pool Academy teacher who went on the trip, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to see a multimillion pound site and we met lots of different people who had very different roles on the site. 
“The size of the site really surprised us. We will be able to go back this time next year to see it finished.”

Kresen Kernow will be Cornwall’s new archive centre and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cornwall Council.

Midas Construction started working on the site in November 2016 and its hoped to be completed and open to the public in 2019.


Christiana Richardson