Bike Doctor calls in at Pool Academy

Sustrans Bike Doctor paid a visit to Pool Academy to carry out free check-ups and servicing on bikes for students and staff.

David Davies, a Sustrans bike officer, has worked with the school for several years to help promote a healthy lifestyle and get people more active.

He hopes coming into school and helping with the students’ bikes will encourage people to take a more active approach to travelling to school. This also helps cut down on congestion on roads and help reduce pollution.


When Mr Davies arrived on Friday, June 22, he carried out a number of jobs on more than 10 bikes including giving them check-ups, replacing flat tyres and looking at gears and chains.

He said: “What we do at Sustrans is promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable travel to work, college and school. It is about health and wellbeing.

“It is also about getting the students out on their bikes and giving them the knowledge about servicing bikes themselves.”

Mr Davies said he wanted to look at the school’s fleet of bikes before the students took them out on Curriculum Enrichment Week.

Mr Davies said he has been working with the school for around five years and helped to set up a bike maintenance crew with students. He also leads off road bike trips for children in the area.

Julian Hosking, PE Teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It is awesome to have him come to Pool Academy and lend us his skills free of charge.

“Dave has worked with Pool Academy now for a number of years and it is fantastic to have his support and his time.

“It is great to have our fleet of bikes checked over properly before they are taken out a number of rides next week.”

Pool Academy is a Sustrans Silver Award School. This means it continues to encourage the travel charity’s ethos of eco, sustainable travel such as car-sharing, cycling, walking, etc to school.

Christiana Richardson