Marines visit to help boost students’ confidence

Two Marines visited Pool Academy to help boost students’ confidence with a number of team building activities.

Dressed in their PE kits the children were given a number of challenges by two members of Commando Training Centre Royal Marines Lympstone.

The men ran two separate two hour sessions on Friday encouraging students to use both physical and mental strength to solve the different activities.


The Power Bag Minefield event required the children to use ropes and ladders to try to reach and lift heavy bags out of a circle of markers. Another saw them using large tyres and planks to try and cross a length of ground without touching the floor.

CPL Ads Collacott, who was leading the activities, said: “We have been doing practical leadership, working on communication, leadership skills and the creating the ability to be cohesive as a team.”

Nikki Grenfell, Pool Academy Careers Coordinator, said the day helped to boost confidence in students.

She said: “It was a day of problem solving, team building and having fun. It was held for a group of Year 10 boys and girls.

“We had 40 children taking part in total. I was really pleased with the students’ enthusiasm and the weather was perfect for it.”

Ryan Forder, a student who took part, said: “I really enjoyed it. I liked the way we did team work and the activities gave me more skills. I liked the activity with the tyres but the power-bag minefield task was good because it got everybody involved.”

Charlie Sharpe said: “I did like it. It was quite an active thing to do and good for problem solving.”

Mia Craze said: “I enjoyed it as it was a bit different to PE lessons.”

Jess Gill agreed: “It was really fun. I liked the interaction and it was something different to normal classes.”

Christiana Richardson