Primary schools learn at Pool Academy

Primary school children arrived at Pool Academy for some day time activities whilst students were away.

This week is Curriculum Enrichment Week for students at the academy so pupils from the surrounding areas have been invited to the school.


They were given a tour around Pool School Gallery and then offered the opportunity to take part in virtual reality experiences with special headsets.

Jonty Lees, from the gallery, created a number of art exercises for them to take part in. He rolled out a large piece of paper for the pupils to draw on. They were each given a piece of charcoal and asked to draw a shape. Jonty told them there were no right or wrong answers. They were then asked to move along one place to the next person’s shape and transform it into something that can be found in the kitchen.

During their time in the gallery they heard about its artist in residence Morten and the plans he has for future art projects.

At 3.45pm another group of children arrived to take part with similar activities at the gallery again. This time Jonty showed them some of his art work and then invited them to make clay sculptures and badges.

Christiana Richardson