The great Cream Tea bake off


Tensions were running high as staff and students waited for their homemade cream teas to be judged.

Children and teachers were taking part in a baking challenge at school during the Curriculum Enrichment week.


Each competitor was given the correct amount of ingredients to use to create their treats. Staff members also took part in their own category.

After the scones had been baked the budding chefs cut them in half and added jam and cream. There was a little controversy when a scone was spotted with the cream on first and the jam on top.


Each baked item was lined up with a number next to it ready for the arrival of the judges which included Lynne Ducker, Finance Officer, and Steph York, in the admin team.

There were 14 to test in total and the judges took their roles seriously by marking them on taste, texture and appearance.

They made comments on the scones’ fluffiness, crispness and taste.


The student winner selected was Cameron Friggens, from Year 7. Joint second was Holly, Abbi, Abigail and Tegan.

Caroline Sleeman, from the Science department, won first prize for her scones. She had also made judges a cup of tea to go with her bakes.


Cameron Friggens, one of the students taking part, said: “I made plain scones. I put lots of jam and cream on them. They weren’t too hard to make. I have never made scones before. I think I will try and make them again at home.

“I liked the taste of them. I made sure there was lots of cream on it.”

Caroline said: “I am very proud of myself on winning the staff baking competition. It was definitely a surprise. I am speechless.”

Sam Strana, Pool Academy teacher who was leading the challenge, said: “There was a little bit of a surprise to see a couple of the scones had jam on top of the cream but the students all put in a lot of effort. It was a fun challenge which everybody enjoyed.”

a victory high-five.

a victory high-five.

Congratulations. First place.

Congratulations. First place.

Well done to the students who came in second.

Well done to the students who came in second.

Christiana Richardson