Students see artists at work

A group of students from Pool Academy were invited to visit artists working in their studios.

They travelled to Krowji, in Redruth, which is known as one of Cornwall’s largest creative hubs. Once a former grammar school it now houses studios, work spaces and other facilities.

On their visit the group of eight students were allowed to ask a number of questions as well as learn about what it was like to work as a professional artist.

Natalie Ellis, Head of Art at Pool Academy, said: “Students asked where the artists got their inspiration from, how they got into pottery, printing or jewellery making and what it was like to run their own business.

“Students learnt that running their own business, like those at Krowji, meant they also needed a good basic understanding of maths to do their own budgets, profit margins and tax returns plus English to show they can promote themselves via press releases.”

Mrs Ellis hopes to take students back to Krowji next year with the new Year 10 students to help towards their coursework.

Krowji opened in 2015 to host a creative community of painters, ceramicists, textile artists, jewellers, furniture makers, web designers and more.