Students find a sweet way to revise

Students at Pool Academy have found a sweet way to revise thanks to some bespoke cakes.

Year 11s studying for their English exam were given an educational treat where they literally ate their words.

cake revise.JPG

For their exam students have to analyse structure and language. They have a diagram with the words atmosphere, contrast, senses, action, colour, word, sentence and punctuation. Some of these words were turned into an illustration by a Pool Academy teacher and then put onto rice paper cake toppers with vanilla icing.

Shelley George, Head of English, and the school’s English teachers thought it was a novel way to freshen up a revision session.

Catherine Raybould, English teacher, said: “We thought it would be great to have it printed onto a cake topper – the students literally ate their revision.

 “The words are all good prompts for the kinds of techniques they are expected to explore.

“We hope it was enough of a novelty for the message to stick.

cake revise3.JPG
cake revise4.JPG

“Students were definitely surprised and they really appreciated it. It was a lovely reward from their teachers and chance to take a break and share cake. The gimmick of the lady in the bubble would have made the lesson more memorable.”

The teachers handed out 180 of the cakes to members of Year 11.

Becca Webber, in Year 11, said: “The cakes kept me motivated."

Another student said: “This idea helped me with my exam revision because it was a cake.”