Pool Academy mascot journeys into secret mine

Our school mascot has journeyed where no school mascot has ever gone before – down one of Cornwall’s mines.

Buzz the Bear was recently given special permission to explore The Blue Mine which is in a secret and private location.

Primary school children in the area suggested Buzz should go underground after hearing about it being sent up to the edge of space last year.

Last Saturday Buzz accompanied Cornwall Search and Rescue Mines team down the mine after members were given special permission so they could restore it.


Deep inside the mine the walls were a blue colour due to Langanite caused by copper leaching in from the ground above.

Gary Parrott, Ex Miner Geevor Tin Mine, who took Buzz said: “The Blue Mine is part of the Tresavean Mining Sett. It is thought to date from at least 1700 or probably earlier.

 “We entered the mine with Buzz to lower two new ladders we had constructed.

“We made Buzz a little blue helmet for the day because a stone the size of your hand falling 20 feet is likely to crack a hard hat. That same stone falling 100 feet would be likely to kill you.


“Mines are very dangerous places with many hidden dangers. It’s not a place to go unless with competent, trained people.

“Cornwall Search and Rescue Team is a charity and we rescue people at our own risk.”

Phil Jones, from Pool Academy, said: “We’d like to say a massive thank you to the Cornwall Search and Rescue Mine Team for taking Buzz with them. The idea for him to head underground was first suggested by primary school children on his last space tour, so it's brilliant they were able to make this a reality. We are now turning our attention to his next adventure.”