School band and DJ perform at Cornwall College

A band and DJ from Pool Academy took part in a performance at a venue in a nearby college.

The event was hosted by dBs Music, based in the Harris Building at the Cornwall College, for musicians to show case their work.

A number of students from Pool Academy took part in the performance which ran from 6pm until 7.30pm.

One student in Year 10 played a 35 minute DJ set and it was the first time they’d played in front of a live audience.

He said: “It was fun and everybody liked the music. The young people in the audience were dancing.

“I practised a lot before the performance.

“I like DJing. It is something that interests me.

“It was exciting to play in front of an audience.”

Another student said she took part in the musical event with the five members of her band. They played Jazz music which included some of their own songs. The group started before Christmas and enjoy rehearsing together.

Students and their parents were invited to the performances.