Thousands of pounds given to Pool Academy for new fencing

Pool Academy has been awarded thousands of pounds of government funding for new school fencing.

The Academy is proud of its beautiful site and has chosen to put up subtle green fencing around the grounds to compliment it. Staff believe the vandal-proof fencing will add to the school’s aesthetics as plants can be grown behind or through it.

The grant for this has come from the Condition Improvement Fund. It is a pot of money given to academies and sixth form colleges rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted by Central Government. Its purpose is to help keep buildings safe and in good working order.

Pool Academy received £94,440 for the fencing and £321,224 for new fire upgrades. The fire upgrades will see areas of the academy buildings given new fire doors, emergency lighting and alarm systems.

Work is due to start in mid-June when the fences will be put up. It is hoped it will all be completed by the beginning of September.

Jef Carvelly, Premises Coordinator at Pool Academy, said: “We are grateful to the Condition Improvement Fund for the grant to help us improve the academy. The academy put in a contribution towards securing the bids.

“We have a beautiful site here so the fence will compliment it as we can grow things through or behind them.

“The improvements will take place over the summer and should be ready around September.”