Budding DJs taught how to mix it up

Budding DJs were invited to take part in a free DJ workshop to learn some new skills on the decks.

The workshop was held on Wednesday (JUNE 6) in a music practice room at Pool Academy.

Seb from  dBs Music

Seb from  dBs Music

Seb Wort, Technician DJ Tutor from dBs Music, brought his hi-tech digital equipment along to the school to teach people how.

He started the workshop by doing a quick demonstration on how to work the buttons and dials before letting students loose on the decks.

Four lorry loads of music tracks were stored on a memory stick for the DJs in training to choose from to create a dance atmosphere.

A second workshop is due to take place at the school on Wednesday July 11 at 2.55pm.

The sessions at school are a taster of what they do at their base, on campus at Cornwall College, on Thursday nights from 5pm until 8pm. Students are invited along to these sessions, called YDJ, when they restart in mid-September. Anyone aged between 11 and 19 years old are welcome to go along.

One student who took part in the workshop said: β€œThe thing I like about DJing is the atmosphere. You can create an atmosphere for the crowds with the music. It is nice to help people have fun and make them smile.”