Pool Academy art students brighten up Heartlands gardens

A group of art students from Pool Academy were invited to brighten up Heartlands gardens with graffiti.


A graffiti artist, called Cosmic, worked with the 20 children from Year 9 last week to create a large art piece.

Students were asked to transform a board into an art piece to show the link and influence Cornwall had in South Africa during the mining era.
They designed the image by first thinking of significant objects that represented South Africa and Africa. This included the lion’s mane as well as barbecues called ‘Braai’, which are a social custom enjoyed in South Africa, and a beautiful sunrise across the Sahara.

Graffiti 3.JPG

Half the image was also made up of all things that represent Cornwall. This included surfing, the Cornish pasty - which are eaten in certain places of South Africa- and Cornish pottery with its distinctive blue and white stripes.

The students worked in Heartlands’ gardens which have been designed to show where Cornish Miners travelled to all over the world to share mining experience.
Mrs Ellis, Head of Art, said: “It was a wonderful experience for the students to use spray paint and they really enjoyed using them, well done to everyone involved.”

Graffiti 4.JPG

The art session at Heartlands was organised by Louise Poor at the Cornwall Arts and Crafts CIC to produce the graffiti board with established graffiti artist Cosmic. 

Graffiti 5 (1).JPG
Christiana Richardson