Students cool off in the hot weather with some Mocktail making

Pool Academy students were given the perfect opportunity to cool off with Mocktail making at Cornwall College.

The session was held for students who had won a food magazine front cover design competition run by the college.


Earlier this term Rory Mason, from Cornwall College, came to Pool Academy to announce the names of the students who had been chosen as the winner or runners up. He presented them with a letter inviting them to Cornwall College to claim their prizes.


Jemma Kearney was the first prize winner and was given a cookery book and an apron. She joined the others for the Mocktail making. They were given recipes and ingredients to make Fresh Peach Lemonade and Orange Juice and Grenadine Brunch Mocktails. They were then invited to create their own drink from ingredients provided.

Nicki Grenfell, from Pool Academy, took the students to the sessions. 

mocktails4 (1).jpg

She said: “We had a tour of the kitchens at Cornwall College. They had different kitchens for different things. They showed us how some of the equipment works and talked about the catering courses. We then went to make the Mocktails as the prize for the competition.”

Sophie, the Trevenson Restaurant Manager, said: “It was lovely to host a morning here at Trevenson Restaurant at Cornwall College showing your students around our training kitchens and finishing off with a Mocktail making sessions.”

Christiana Richardson