Young surfer wins top medal

A young surfer from Pool Academy has won a medal after taking part in Cornwall Sports Games.

tom catten (1).JPG

Tom Catten, Year 8, took part in the event at Perranporth. He was body boarding against 15 other competitors on the day. He needed to be in the top two of each of the four quarter finals to reach the finals.

He said: “I came third in the finals. There were 16 who took part.

“There were not really any waves on the day so I had to kick a lot. When the waves came they had no power.  It was still a good competition though.”

Tom said he had a few more surfing competitions coming up including the European finals.  

tom catten (2).JPG

He was also recently selected as a member of the England Bodyboarding Under 16s team to represent the country at the ESF EURO Juniors in July.

A letter sent to Tom from Surfing England read: “The management team have been hugely impressed by your commitment to both training camps and competitions, UK and internationally. We feel that you have made noticeable improvements both in and out of the water and have gained vital knowledge from the trained professionals involved in the 2018 programme, and therefore helping improve you as an elite athlete.”

He won’t be stopping once the European Championships are over either as he has the Cornish Bodyboarding Finals to compete in on September 7 at Portreath.

Christiana Richardson