Budding musicians’ new song filmed

Budding musicians from Pool Academy filmed their own song after winning a competition at Cornwall College.

music comp.jpg

Four boys from Year 7 wrote their own piece with original lyrics and their winning prize was to go to a recording studio.

Last week they visited dBs Music at Cornwall College and spent three hours, with numerous takes, to perfect their recording. On Wednesday this week they returned to create their very own music video.

music comp2.jpg

Nicki Grenfell, from Pool Academy, said: “The boys played their own music and wrote the lyrics themselves.

“They had great fun and lots of laughs.”

The four students have called their band Aye.

Finnian, Year 7, said he and Bailey, Year 7, took three to four days to write and practise.

Finnian said: “I wrote the song about life and stuff. We have never recorded a song in a recording studio before. We have never recorded a music video before either.”

music comp1 (1).jpg

Jacob said: “Walking into the studio was like walking into the future.

“We would like to say thank you to Cornwall College for helping us with the recording.”

They hope to visit the dBs Music centre again to continue their band practises.

Emily Cromey, Head of Music at Pool Academy, said she is really excited about this and looks forward to seeing what else the students create in Pool Academy's recording studio.

Earlier this term Rory Mason, from Cornwall College, came to Pool Academy to announce the names of the students who had been chosen as the winner or runners up in the competition. He presented them with a letter inviting them to Cornwall College to claim their prizes.

Christiana Richardson