Students win free vegetables and plant kits for six months


Gardening students have won six months’ worth of free plants and seeds as they reach the next level in RHS awards.

The Nurture Group at Pool Academy is celebrating after achieving level three of the Royal Horticultural Society School Gardening Awards.

Group members were all given a certificate and the promise of boxes of plants and seeds for the next two seasons.

In September they will receive an autumn garden delivery with a variety of growing baby plants including spinach, turnips, broad beans seeds, cabbage and pak choi.

In January another delivery will be made, the fruit garden box, with a number of canes and young plants including blackberries, strawberry runners, rhubarb crowns and a gooseberry bush.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy said: “Reaching level three is a great achievement. I am so proud of the group. They have worked so hard.

“When our boxes arrive we will have a lot more to do. It will be great to have a bigger variety of things to grow.”

One of the students from the group said: “It is great to get a certificate. I like working outside. I like watering the plants and picking the things we have grown.”

The Nurture group is made up of students from Year 7 through to Year 10.

There are five levels to achieve in the Royal Horticultural Society schools gardening award. Each level comes with a different prize and a certificate.

Christiana Richardson