Students create a colourful design on a car bonnet

Two students from Pool Academy were given the chance to paint their design onto a car bonnet.

car bonnet2.JPG

Jemma Kearney and Ami Patrick were invited to Cornwall College to learn how to paint their own car bonnet after winning a design competition.

They spent the day at the college practising with the special paints before spraying hot air balloons onto the bonnet.

Jemma said: “It was really good. I have never done anything like it before.”

Ami said: “We were there from 9am until 2.30pm. I would love to do it again. It was great fun. We had to put on special masks on when we used the paint. It was quite funny.”

car bonnet1.JPG

Nicki Grenfell, from Pool Academy, said: “The finished car bonnet will be brought to school and hopefully displayed in reception.”

The competition was launched earlier this term. The girls were winners after entering the Automotive category. They were asked to make a design for a car bonnet using just two to four colours. 

The girls design was so intricate that the judges decided to pick the hot air balloons image out of it and use them on the bonnet.

car bonnet.JPG

The college launched the competition to introduce some of the different subjects on offer at Cornwall College after GCSEs.

Christiana Richardson