Last week of transition fun

The last week of this term’s transition sessions for primary school pupils ended with a range of creative activities.

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The week started with weaving in Pool Academy’s art room. The children were first given a tour of the classrooms before handed looms and materials to get creative. There was also a virtual reality session with Phil Jones who handed out special headsets for students to use.

On Tuesday pupils took part in a drama session with Mr Best, Head of Drama at Pool Academy. They were allowed to choose props and costumes from a box and create characters as part of an improvisation session.

Wednesday afternoon saw children come along to take part in a robot challenge.

On Thursday night Mr Buckingham, Science teacher, taught the group how to turn on and light a Bunsen burner. He also set out some other practical science tasks.

Miss Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It has been great to put on these transition sessions for the primary school children. We have had so many different, exciting activities for them to have a go at.

“I hope it has given them a little taster of what life could be like if they decide to come and learn at Pool Academy.”

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Christiana Richardson