Primary school pupils learn about world cultures

Guides and Rangers from Pool Academy have run a second World Thinking day for primary school pupils.

another thinking day (1).JPG

After the success of the last event the students ran another day of activities for children from Pencoys Primary School on Monday.

It started at 9.30am with singing, crafts and games including playing the Spanish game Ludo, eating sweets with chopsticks and trying out some Origami.

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The girls held the event in the spirit of the Guides World Thinking Day, traditionally held in February, which encourages people to think of others in different countries.

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Maureen Goosey, Teaching Assistant from Pencoys Primary School, said: “The Guides and Rangers have done really well. The pupils really loved it and were really engaged. An activity like this is nice for them, especially at this time of year.

“The girls from Pool Academy were brilliant and there were definitely some teachers in the making.”

The global event is celebrated during February by all Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts every year to help them remember their promises to be kind, helpful and well behaved.

Christiana Richardson