Fantastic weather for sports day

Students were treated to beautiful sunshine when they took part in their sports day recently.

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The event took place at Carn Brea Leisure Centre with a number of activities for everyone to have a go at.

The day kicked off at about 9.15am and ran until lunch time. Family members came along to offer their support.

There was running, relay, obstacle course, shotput, javelin, tug of war, long jump and high jump.

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Students painted their faces in glitter and dressed in the theme of their house names to support friends and classmates.

Despite the hot weather the school’s PE teachers said everyone put in a good effort at whatever sport they took part in.

Ajai, Year 9, said: “It was a pretty good day and it was really nice weather. I took part in the 10 metre relay. It went pretty well and I did ok, I came second. I also took part with the javelin event.”

Lucie, Year 9, said: “I had a good day. It was a great atmosphere. I like taking part in sports day.”

Jayda, Year 9, said: “It was a really nice day and it was fun to put glitter on.  I took part in the 300 meters. I came in third and I am pleased with that. I like running.”

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Aaron, Year 8, said: “I had a good day. I wore a wig and kept it on in a race but I couldn’t see as well. It still went ok.”

Harvie, Year 7, said: “I enjoyed the sports day, I liked the tug of war. It was hot but it was a good day.”

Cameron, Year 7,  had sprayed his hair and eyebrows silver for the occasion. He said he took part in the javelin and target throw.

“I enjoyed it,” he said.

Natasha, Year 7, said: “This was my first sports day at Carn Brea with the school. I liked it. My best bit was being with my friends doing sports.”

Sharon Bright, PE teacher, said: “It was fantastic weather for the sports day. Staff and students put in a fantastic effort.

“It was a great day and everyone had a great time. It was a lovely atmosphere. We are still awaiting the results but it is looking very close.”

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Christiana Richardson