Students create a picnic bench from scratch for friends


Students have been working for months to create a picnic bench for their school friends to sit on during break.

Every Friday after school, since Christmas, they have been designing, sawing and drilling to make the bench.  They recently took advantage of the dry weather to put it all together outside the DT classrooms.

It took them all day but they were very pleased with the finished result. They are now welcoming all students to use it.
Jon Sidwell, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The students have put their time in after school on Fridays through the winter to build the parts.

“They made it so it was collapsible to store. They have been making all of the components and have built it well.


“The students had the idea and made a model first. They were keen to make it.”

Tyler Bennett, Year 8, said: “It was fun to do. I have never done anything like it before. It took us a long time to make. We started on it at Christmas.


“It is nice to see it completed and watch students use it.”

Another student said: “It feels good to be able to put it up outside and be able to build it. It has been fun to do.”

Christiana Richardson