Inflatable football fun


Football enthusiasts were given a different experience of the game when they donned large inflatable costumes.

Bubble Ball Extreme brought its large blow-up ball outfits to Pool Academy on Friday for students to have a day-long tournament.


The students were split into teams for five-a-side games and some of the teachers had a go as well.  Playing a game of football in the costumes was not as easy as it looked and many students ended up on their sides or upside-down with their legs in the air.

Aaron, Year 7, said: “It is amazing. I have never done it before. It was claustrophobic in the bubble but I still enjoyed it. We kept running into each other. It’s really fun.”

Kien said: “It was really hot but it was fun. It felt like we were playing ping pong. We had to run and get the opposition. It is the first time at school we could run into our teachers.”

Rhys said: “It was good. We played it all day.”

Mark Fuller, from Pool Academy, said: “A great day overall with some immense skill and complete carnage happening. All involved loving every minute.”

The bubble ball football games were one of the last activities on the Curriculum Enrichment Week’s Football Crazy, Football Mad event. Throughout the week the students also took part in football management games, quizzes and a tour around a football stadium.