Students create school pond

Students have been working hard in the sunshine all week long to create a new school pond.


The project started on Monday last week as the school held its Curriculum Enrichment Week. The children were given spades and a space of land to dig out a hole.

By Friday they had inserted a liner, tidied up the area, decorated the surroundings with logs and then filled the pond with water.

It is hoped it will now attract wildlife including frogs, newts, dragon flies and pond skaters.


Nigel Williams, teacher leading the activity, said: “The students have all done a great job. They loved it. We had some really good times. Some of the children didn’t think would do as well did great. 

“All the groups through the week have done well. Some didn’t know one end of the spade from the other at the beginning but they loved it. It was lots of fun.”