Art students hold private viewing in art gallery

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Art students from Pool Academy welcomed friends and family to a private viewing in an art gallery recently.

About 45 people arrived to see Pool School Gallery’s first art exhibition showcasing work created by former Year 11 students GCSE work on July 11.

Friends and family were invited to come and see the talented students’ work displayed on the walls from 4pm-6pm.

The array of art pieces included multimedia, sculptures and painting.

It was also the first time Natalie Ellis, Head of Art at Pool Academy, had organised an event at the gallery for GCSE students.

Mrs Ellis said: “It was a really good evening and we had a lot of positive feedback. We had staff, Year 11 and Year 10 parents and grandparents arrive to have a look.”

Mrs Ellis said it was lovely to have a private viewing for the talented students. One girl is now considering taking Textiles A Level after enjoying GCSE Art. A lot of others are interested in taking up art at Truro College.

She added: “It was lovely to have Jonty Lees help with the displays.

“I have taught the students for the last two years and it was nice to see their work in the gallery.”

The gallery, called Pool School Gallery, has been created to put art at the centre of everyday life in the communities of Camborne, Pool, Illogan, Redruth and the Mining villages.

After its official launch later this month it is due to display works from the Cornwall School’s Art Collection which includes work and sculptures from artists including Jacob Epstein, Barbara Hepworth, Alfred Wallace and Terry Frost.

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Christiana Richardson