Bike doctor resurrects old bike for student

A Pool Academy student who wants to cycle to school and back has been given a bike thanks to Sustrans.


David Davies, a Sustrans bike officer, visited the school recently to offer free bike check-ups to staff and students. Whilst he was there he saw an old bike in need of repair. 

He took it on as a project and gave it new tyres, new peddles, new cables, a new chain and many other features.

When he heard student Matt Chapman wanted to ride to school but his bike was not roadworthy he offered it to him free of charge.

Julian Hosking, PE teacher, said: “He came to us and said he wanted to cycle into school. As a Sustrans Silver Award School we like to encourage the Sustrans ethos of eco, sustainable travel such as car-sharing, cycling, walking, etc to school.

“We spoke to Mr Davies and he agreed to do up one of our old bikes for him.”

Mr Davies said: “I did it all for free. It was a better bike once I got it up and running.”

Matt said: “I am going to cycle it every day to school. I like riding bikes and I really wanted to travel to school this way. I am thankful to Mr Davies.”

Christiana Richardson