Pool Academy works with the community

Pool Academy welcomed a local community group member on a tour of the school recently.

Kaj Skjervik, from #LovePortreath, was shown around the school by deputy Head Boy Robert Bond near the end of term.


Mr Skjervik said he was impressed by everything that goes on at Pool Academy and he was keen to join forces with students to help with his cause.

#LovePortreath members are working to help improve the environment, help clear up litter and reduce the use of plastic. They also want to help to keep the ocean clean and support wildlife.

Mr Skjervik said: “It was good to see the school. 

“One initiative we have for with #LovePortreath at the moment is to get rid of plastic bags from the local shops. We have a bunch of ladies who have a sewing club and they are taking recycled materials and have so far made around 200 bags. But they can’t make bags quick enough. What we are hoping is to be able to find a way for Pool Academy to help us on that at some point.”

Christiana Richardson