Student challenges herself to create five dishes in just two hours

A Pool Academy student challenged herself to cook five dishes in just two hours during her last food lesson of the summer term.


Teacher Sam Strana gave her class the opportunity to cook whatever they wanted this week as it was the last week of the academic year.

Many chose to make fairy cakes and sweet treats but Emma Green, in Year 10, decided to be a bit more adventurous. She set herself the challenge to make a batch of chocolate covered strawberries, profiteroles, bread rolls, dough balls, and s’mores.

Sam Strana said: “As this was their last lesson of the term they were allowed to cook what they wanted for fun. Emma decided to challenge herself.


“Her choux pastry was very good.”

Emma was busy putting together the finishing touches for her pieces so had little time for comment. Someone in her classroom commented that it looked as if she were cooking for a party later that evening.

She replied: “I should have had a party.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the classroom, Max Wilton, Year 10, had chosen to create some large jammy dodgers and a giant Jaffa Cake.


He said the cake was made with a fat-free sponge cake, shaped orange jelly and melted chocolate for the top.

Max said: “I thought about making Jaffa cakes. When I had a look for a recipe on the internet I thought why not just make one big one?”

Christiana Richardson