Student finds strength despite bereavement to help charity

A Pool Academy student has raised hundreds of pounds for charity after finding strength during a family bereavement.

Harry Kessell was given a Community Award in recognition of his fundraising for charity.

He first started fundraising when he was 10 years old and trained to do the 5km Race for Life for Cancer Research with his mum. The next year he was too old to join in.

His mother, Kathleen Kessell, said: “Instead of just giving up on the idea he joined forces with a friend and set up a fundraising event called 'cycle for life'. He gathered together a group of boys, dads and granddads to do a sponsored bike ride. In addition, he organised a fun day and raised a total of £1,300.  This event captured people's imaginations and made it into the local paper.”

When a close relative was given a terminal diagnosis Harry decided he wanted to do something to help.

Mrs Kessell told Mr Hamblin, Community Awards organiser: “As a family we spent a lot of time at Little Harbour children's hospice who were invaluable to us as a family. Therefore, with a friend they set up a swimathon with a group of children.  Not only did they raise sponsor money but Harry spoke to a local shop manager to put up a stall in the local shop and have a fundraising day there. Also he stood at the school gates raising money. They children swam a team total of 4.5 km, Harry's contribution being 1,150m. They raised a total of £675.”

Mrs Ellis, Harry’s tutor, said: “Harry is awesome. He is so, so fantastic and I am pleased he has won this award. He has shown so much strength and I am really proud of him. Well done.”

Harry Kessell - com award.JPG
Christiana Richardson