Student scores high in rifle shooting

A Pool Academy student has been awarded trophies and medals for a successful year of rifle shooting.


Sophie Lucas, Year 9, started shooting after watching her father succeed in the sport.

She was recently invited to an awards ceremony where she was handed two cups and many medals for her successes over the past 12 months.

Sophie is part of Truro Rifle Shooting Club and has taken part in many events in venues stretching as far as Oakhampton.

Her medals were for her achievements in indoor and outdoor shooting junior competitions and other events including one called the Doggies and Moggies.

She said: “I had to get up 12 times to get my medals and cups during the awards event.

shoot (1).JPG

“I have been doing rifle shooting since I was nine years old. I do it with my dad. My mum and brother want to get into it soon too.

“I shoot for the county.

“When I mention to someone that I do rifle shooting they say ‘that’s so cool’. It is something I like to do. Not many people have heard of it before.

“My dad had the chance to go to the Olympics. It would be amazing if I was offered that. I would go for the experience.”

Sophie said she will be taking part in the summer league in Oakhampton over the holidays.

Christiana Richardson