Pupils learn about cultures around the world

A group of Pool Academy students ran a day-long event for primary school pupils to celebrate different cultures from across the globe.

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The girls held the day yesterday, Monday, in the spirit of the Guides World Thinking Day which encourages people to think of others in different countries.

Scores of primary school pupils took part in singing, activities and games. The day kicked off at about 9.30am when Guides and Rangers from Pool Academy encouraged the children to sing. They all joined in with a number of traditional Guiding songs including Alice the Camel, I Found a Baby Bumble Bee and Go Bananas.

Three of the leaders for the day, Jacy, Sophie and Amy, explained they were songs Guides sung around a campfire

During the day there were a number of activities including playing Spanish game Ludo, eating chocolates with chopsticks and trying out some Origami.

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Amy, Year 10, said there are Guides who live in different countries across the world and in February everyone celebrates the official World Thinking Day. The event at Pool Academy was inspired by it. She said it took them about two months to organise.

A member of staff from the primary school said: “I think the children had an amazing time. They were engaged and had fun.

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“The Guides and Rangers were very encouraging and gave the youngsters the time to work things out. The young people from Pool Academy were very intuitive and confident and really nice to them. They were really calm and the children were engaged.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “They have done really well, they organised and led the entire day themselves. It went really well.”

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Kaitlin, Year 7, said: “It went really well. The children had a lot of fun.”

The global event is celebrated during February by all Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts every year to help them remember their promises to be kind, helpful and well behaved.