Competition winner designs and makes own pen

A competition winner was invited to Cornwall College to design and make her own pen.


The college invited young songwriters, garden designers, engineers and gamers to enter a creative competition recently.

Earlier this term Rory Mason, from Cornwall College, came to Pool Academy to announce the names of 14 students who had been chosen as winners or runners up. He presented them with a letter inviting them to Cornwall College to claim their prizes.


Lucy Webster, Year 7, won the competition after designing a car and a boat that could pick up plastic from the ocean and the roads as they travelled along.

She was the first student to go and get her prize. It was a visit to the college to design and make her own pen. She spent about an hour and a half over there and enjoyed the activity.

Lucy said: “It started as a long piece of brass, I cut it out on a machine and smoothed it off on the edges. I then drilled holes in it and filed it to fit the pen inside the casing.

“I use the pen a lot at home."

Vicky Cox, Head of Cornwall College in Camborne, said: “The entries we received for the competition were really well thought out and well designed.

“It is great that we can work with Pool Academy on a project like this and invite students into Cornwall College.”