High School Musical will be academy’s best production yet

Excitement is in the air as it is announced the next school production will be a performance of High School Musical.

Teachers believe this will be Pool Academy’s best show yet and auditions will start this afternoon (Thursday) at 3pm.

The story line is set in an American High School where the children audition for its musical. The production originated as a Disney Movie in 2006. It was such a hit that it was Disney Channel's most watched film and was reported to have more than seven million viewers in the first year.

Childrenat Pool Academy are requested to prepare a verse and a chorus form a song of their choice for the auditions. They are also asked to bring a recording of their backing track. Students will be expected to perform in front of other people and take in a group acting workshop.

Emily Cromey, Head of Music at Pool Academy, said she is looking forward to lots of students from all year groups auditioning for the show.

She said: “We have already had lots of excitement about it.

“We are really excited about our upcoming production of High School Musical. We have had a fantastic response from the students. We are really looking forward to seeing what they are going to produce.

“This is shaping up to be a really special show. It will be our best one yet.”

Mrs Cromey said they are aiming to stage the show in February next year.