Alastair James – Head of Faculty for Maths, History, Geography in September

Alastair James is currently Pool Academy's Head of Mathematics, but from September he will take on the role of Head of Faculty for Mathematics, History and Geography.

Mr James has a love the universal language of maths.

al james.JPG

“I like its clarity, the logic and the fact that there is a right answer. Maths encourages us and gives us the skills to solve problems in the real world.”

He is looking forward to taking on his new role and leading the three subjects.

He said: “Becoming Head of Faculty will bring a huge opportunity for the three departments to work together and look at the courses we run and give consistency of style and leadership to our students. I want our students to enjoy their lessons, fulfil their potential and reflect on their time here in Pool Academy in a positive way.

“I will be able to see where maths plays a part in the other subjects such as having an historical look at maths, look at the geography of maths and then in return look at where maths plays a part in history and geography. This will allow the students to become aware of the links between their subjects.

“It is a huge opportunity to take a look at how we educate students across the school and subjects and gain consistency in leadership and direction.

“It is more than a little exciting and just a little bit daunting. This new role will help us to look at subjects with fresh eyes and work on ensuring that our students rise to every challenge for their future."

Miss Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: "Appointing Mr James to this post is hugely exciting for Pool Academy.  Since Mr James arrived, the students and staff have benefited very positively from his optimistic approach, determination for all students to succeed and his very skilful approach to teaching.  I have every confidence that under Mr James’ leadership, students will thrive across all three subjects.”