Students excited at their harvest haul

Students from Pool Academy are excited at their harvest haul after returning to the school garden this term.


Children from last year’s Nurture group were overjoyed to see the fruits, and vegetables, of their labour this month. Apples, blackberries, tomatoes, beans and more have already been picked and it looks like there are still more to ripen and harvest in the next few weeks.

Last term the students were given a Royal Horticultural Society award for their gardening skills. They were given Level 2 certificates which recognised they could grow plants and vegetables as well as carry out all the sowing, weeding and digging.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy, said: “Students from last year’s nurture group have been really excited to see how their hard work has paid off as they begin to harvest their fruit and vegetables.

“There are lots more to pick over the next few weeks and we hope to do some cooking with our produce soon.”

The Nurture group is made up of students from Year 7 through to Year 10.

There are five levels to achieve in the Royal Horticultural Society schools gardening award. Each level comes with a different prize and a certificate.

Christiana Richardson