Pool Academy radically updates its anti-bullying policy  

Pool Academy has radically updated its anti-bullying policy to help staff and students look out for each other.

Rachel Facey, the school’s Anti-Bullying Lead, is working to make sure people know bullying is not tolerated and reports will be dealt with quickly.

A group of students have also been selected as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to help their peers.

Mrs Facey said national statistics were published on Monday, September 3rd, by charity The Diana Award which showed across the country 70 percent of parents believed schools were not doing enough to combat bullying. It also revealed in the UK 22 percent of young people had moved schools due to bullying and 46 percent of young people were worried about going back to school due to bullying.

Mrs Facey said: “This year we have radically changed the way bullying is dealt with at Pool Academy.

“In brief, Pool Academy pledges to create a culture where bullying is not tolerated by dealing with all reports quickly and efficiently and involving parents at all times.

“We have recruited several Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from across the year groups. They will work closely with their Heads of Year, Simon Ferguson the Behaviour Support and Nick Hamblin the Additional Needs Support to create this culture.”

A ‘red button’ system has been introduced to the school where children are able to report a situation by pressing the app on their ipads.

Mrs Facey said: “All of our young people have a right to learn without fear of bullying, and we are 100 percent committed to making this happen.”

There will be a copy of the anti-bullying contract that all students will be asked to sign next week.

A Pool Academy esafety Twitter account has been created at https://twitter.com/pa_esafety



If you believe your child is being bullied, please ensure you:

  1. Help your child to complete a ‘Red button’ report of the situation.

  2. Encourage them to talk openly and honestly with academy staff and the Anti-bullying Ambassadors.

  3. Expect to hear from the school within 24 school hours to advise you about how we have actioned the ‘Red button’ bullying report.

  4. Contact your child’s Head of Year if you have not heard back within 24 school hours.

  5. Contact Rachel Facey - Pool Academy Anti-bullying Lead - if you have any concerns about the above.





Christiana Richardson