Students take the bus to higher education

Students from Pool Academy visited an information bus to learn about their options after GCSEs.

A group from Year 10 and Year 11 were invited to Cornwall College to have a look on the Next Steps South West Bus when its roadshow arrived.


On board there were staff ready to hand out information and advice on which direction to take for a number of different opportunities including apprenticeships.  They also explained the benefits of higher education, courses in the area and offered interactive ways to help plan a possible future.

Inside the bus there were bean bags for students to sit on and listen to a talk on how to start a business. They were then given a challenge with modelling clay to help them realise the importance of communication.


Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, took the group over to the college to explore the bus and its information.

She said: “We are grateful to NSSW for inviting us onto their bus. It was great to see their resources and take part in the modelling clay activity.”

Students from Pool Academy said they felt the trip to visit the bus had been helpful.

Christiana Richardson