Pool Academy STEM club to be nominated for an award

Pool Academy is to be nominated for a top award for its ‘wonderful’ STEM club.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths club is run by Science teacher Jack Jones. After writing part of a good practice guide last year for STEM Learning it was suggested his club should be nominated for the Outstanding STEM Club Award.

Joanne Mitchell, Project Coordinator of the STEM awards, wrote to Mr Jones telling him he had a ‘really wonderful club that should be nominated’.

She added: “I would be happy to support your application, it is a great opportunity to celebrate and share your club.”

Mr Jones now needs to complete an application form for the STEM inspiration Awards showing judges all the things the club gets up to.

At the moment they are building a car which they hope to race in events all around the country.

Mr Jones said: “It was lovely of Joanne to write to us and encourage us to enter Pool Academy’s STEM club for the award.

“The club runs after school and we carry out a number of activities.

“It is very exciting to get this recognition.”

The closing date for nominations is this Friday.

Mr Jones wrote part STEM Clubs Best Practice Handbook which is a nationally published document. It can guide can be found at www.stem.org.uk/stem-clubs/support.

Ms Mitchell said she has received ‘really positive feedback’ from the club leaders about the handbook stating ‘how much they appreciate other clubs sharing how they solve problems and offer up hints and tip’.

She added in her letter to Mr Jones: “It really would not have been possible without you.”

Christiana Richardson