A mouse with no name


Move aside Buzz bear there is a new mascot in school and its name is…its name is…

Well, actually it hasn’t got a name yet.

Over the summer months Pool Academy Principal Miss Meakin adopted a handmade mouse from a stall run by student Kaitlin Hawken.

Kaitlin, in Year 8, was helping to raise funds and awareness for her Brownies and Guides group at Illogan parish fair.

The soft toy was hand crafted by her mother’s aunt and now lives at Pool Academy looking out of the window near Miss Meakin’s office.

Kaitlin has also helped her fellow Brownies and Guides run World Thinking events at Pool Academy for primary school pupils. It’s hoped the pupils will help Miss Meakin find a name for the mouse.

Kaitlin said: “Miss Meakin came and bought one of the mice at the Illogan fair to become the school’s new mascot.

 “On the day we had about 10 to 20 of the animals to sell at the event. They were all made by friends and family.”

Miss Meakin said: “We chose the mouse because it had similar colours to Pool Academy colours.

“We are hoping all the children who came to the World Thinking days will be able to help us find a name for the new school mascot.”

But what about the school’s former mascot Buzz the Bear – made famous for travelling up to the edge of space?

Close friend Phil Jones, Head of Academy Services, said the bear was happy to job share.

He said: “He'll welcome the break to be honest. He's been working very hard will be glad of the help”

Christiana Richardson